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Nose Work is a sport modeled after professional detection work that will develop your dog's natural scenting ability through their love of food or toys. Whether you are looking for a great rainy day activity, or would love to compete for titles, Nosey Dog Training will help your dog discover their newest favorite game! Nose Work is an amazing way to build communication as well as a better relationship with your best friend, while increasing their confidence and burning lots of excess energy. All breeds, ages, and abilities are welcomed and no prior training is necessary.


The Nose Work foundation program through Nosey Dog Training consists of three main courses: Introduction to K9 Nose Work, Introduction to Odor, and Advanced Nose Work: More Exteriors and Vehicles. Looking for private lessons instead? We can do that too!

Bellingham Classes:

Introduction to K9 Nose Work

Winter Classes

New Intro. to Nose Work classes will be coming in early 2020! Please contact me to be placed on the notification list.

Cost of this class is $160 for 6 weeks.

Drop In Nose Work Class:


Saturday morning classes are available each week!


These classes are located in Bellingham and select Skagit county areas. Each week, teams work on a variety of search and handling skills to prepare them for advanced Nose Work in all elements, as well as trial preparation.

Would you like to join us? Email me with your dog's current experience level and previous instruction information. Classes are open to all teams already working on odor. $25/dog per class.

​Sarah Stevens, CNWI

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