Monthly Nose Work Membership

Looking for weekly motivation to work on new Nose Work exercises? Live in an area without qualified instructors? Frustrated because your team keeps missing that ONE element in trials because you need additional coaching? Try an online solution! Sarah is now offering a Facebook based membership group for Nose Work teams! Each month the group will be assigned weekly exercises that will work on common handling errors, intensity and accuracy building for the dogs, and address all four elements that Nose Work teams will encounter in competition with tips and exercises for success. Ready to have FUN and make even more progress with your Nose Work dog? Read on!

One Month Membership - $75
3 Month Membership - $210
   6 Month Membership - $425

Who can join?

Anyone with a Facebook account who is able to shoot decent quality videos of themselves and their dog while searching, then upload the video to a Facebook group (it's easy!). Dogs must be on odor, whether paired or odor only hides. A decent sense of both humility and humor is highly recommended.


What does each week look like?

Every week, I will post the group's practice focus along with any relevant lectures, photos, and/or video examples. You'll have all week to submit your search videos for me to go over with you and ask any questions about the assignment you have. There are no strict participation rules; I want each team to receive plenty of coaching and really understand each exercise!

The last week of every month will be handler's choice; what does your team need to work on? Which element is your weakest? What is your dog struggling with? That's the time to tell me and I'll give you an individualized exercise for that week!

Just like my in person classes, everyone is able to watch each other's searches and ask questions; we are a community and will support everyone! Other questions directly related to Nose Work are also welcomed at any time.

Your team wants to play and learn! What now?

There are several packages to choose from, whether you'd like to try the group out for a single month or pay for a package and save. Ongoing memberships will be invoiced monthly after the initial sign up; opt out or simply skip a month anytime. No refunds will be issued once paid for.

Click the appropriate PayPal button on the left to sign up for the October group; payments are due by October 1st and class begins October 2nd. If your PayPal email is not linked to your Facebook account, please add a note with your details so I can find and add you to the group.