"I Smell a Rat!"

Does your dog love to chase critters at the park or look for gopher holes during a walk? They will love rat games! Dogs who are allowed to express their natural instincts, including searching for and locating prey animals, are more enriched and content companions at home. Barn Hunt and NASDA styled games are an excellent way to let your dog be their predator selves, on cue and in a controlled environment, while having a ton of fun! Trained pet rats are used for these scent work games, and are always safe during training.


   Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt is a sport that mimics the farm dog duties of hunting vermin in a specific barn area. Dogs must climb straw bales, navigate tunnels, and find all the rats on the course in increasingly challenging ways.

Barn Hunt classes and private lessons in Bellingham will be offered in early 2022.

Learn more about the sport here.

North American Sport Dog Association (NASDA)

NASDA is a newer organization with even more fun! These rat games include Trailing and Locating rats in a natural environment, and Urban Locating in a variety of urban and semi-urban settings. 

Learn more about the sport here.

Urban Locating as well as Trailing and Locating group classes/private coaching sessions will be offered starting in January 2022.

Drop in classes: $30/dog

Private coaching: $40 for 1 dog, $50 for 2 dogs. Lesson sharing with a friend is allowed!