The Puppy Day School Program:

Your new puppy's best start in life!

What is it?

The Puppy Day School program combines novel experiences, foundation training skills, appropriate social time with other puppies, learning to relax around distractions, and day care all in one!

This program is staffed only by qualified professional dog trainers who are skilled at ensuring all puppies remain safe, grow into confident adolescents, and learn to LOVE training!


Each week, we focus on training skills such as: handler focus, coming when called, sit/down, stay, hand target, crate time, and ignoring distractions. Field trips to dog friendly locations to practice these training skills in the real world are included, too! Puppies will also practice mental stimulation games and use play equipment designed to build their confidence, body awareness, and desire to problem solve. Play groups stay between 2-3 puppies at a time so we can ensure each individual learns appropriate social skills and does not become magnetized to

other dogs.



Who is it for?

Puppy Day Training is open to all puppies who are between 12 weeks and 18 months of age that are healthy and up to date on their vaccinations. To enroll in Puppy Day School, please first complete your Welcome Session. This is an in home initial meeting to go over the program details and answer any puppy raising questions you may have. 

When is it?

Puppy Day School is every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Each day of enrollment includes full transportation from your Bellingham home or office to our south Bellingham facility. Puppies are picked up in the morning beginning at 8:30am, and are typically out of the house for 4-5 hours. The Puppy Day School program costs $55/day.

How do I sign up?

To begin enrollment in Puppy Day School, all new puppy families must first complete their Welcome Session. This is a private in home meeting where we can go over the program details and you may ask all those puppy raising questions you've been wanting to know!

How do I learn these skills?

Once in the program, Puppy Day School families have exclusive access to private coaching sessions to go over the skills they need to continue working with their puppies at home and in public. Trainers are able to effectively build and reinforce great training, but consistency is key! Puppy families also have access to our YouTube channel with example training videos for at home review.

​Sarah Stevens, CNWI

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