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Find ALL the Things!

Dogs who are allowed to express their natural instincts, including searching for and locating prey animals or other scent items, are more enriched and content companions at home. Whether you try Trailing/Urban Locating, Shed Dog, or Lost Item Recovery, NASDA games are an excellent addition to your dog's weekly routine! 

Does your dog love to chase critters at the park or look for gopher holes during a walk? They will love rat games! Does your dog enjoy running through fields to hunt for and bring you amazing stuff in exchange for food or toys? Try Shed Dog! Or, perhaps you find yourself losing your keys or wallet often and wish there was a way for your dog to help. Lost Item Recovery is for you! There is a NASDA game to play, no matter what your dog's interests are. All classes below are appropriate for dogs of all ages and breeds; no training experience is required and classes can be started at any time. These classes are helpful both for competition goals, or just for fun!




North American Sport Dog Association (NASDA)

Learn more about the sport here.


Game Descriptions:


Trailing and Locating rats is tracking scent trails in a natural environment, and Urban Locating is in a variety of urban and semi-urban settings. Both games are an amazing way to let your dog be their predator selves, on cue and in a controlled environment, while having a ton of fun! Trained pet rats are used for these scent work sessions, and are always safe during training. 

Shed Dog is searching for natural deer antler sheds that are thrown into fields or woods. In upper levels, dogs must also retrieve their found shed to their handler's hand. If you are looking for a new training challenge to mentally challenge your dog and have a ton of fun together, Shed Dog is a fantastic game to play.  

Lost Item Recovery can be practiced in any environment; anywhere a human might lose their personal items. These classes teach your dog how to search for and alert to your lost stuff, such as: car keys, wallet, cell phone, gloves, and more! This game is also the perfect way to spice up your usual outings with your dog and get more mental stimulation out of normal walks!

Drop in classes: $30/dog

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Private and Semi-Private Sessions also available.




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