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Nosey Dog Training specializes in effective and motivational training methods for sports and related life skills!

  We love focused and fulfilled dogs!​

Sarah wants you and your dog to build an amazing bond that will last a lifetime, through foundation skills to "all the sports!" Sarah will assist you through key components of the dog sport you're interested in, whether you are just looking for a different kind of fun with your dog, or are a seasoned competitor needing extra practice. Just getting started on training for sports and not sure where to begin? Great! Use your coaching sessions to work through adjacent concepts one by one.

Private coaching takes place at Sarah's property in Ferndale, WA unless otherwise agreed upon. 


Do you want to teach your dog how to...

  • Recall

  • Ignore distractions

  • Engage with you

  • Maintain a loose heel (aka Crate to Start Line)

  • Understand Toy and Food Training Systems?

Or are you interested in trying...

  • Nose Work / Scent Work

  • Urban Locating / Trailing and Locating

  • Shed Dog / UKC Elite Shed Dog

  • Lost Item Recovery / AKC HD

  • Rally Obedience

  • Pre-Sports Foundations?


Then enroll in private sports coaching with Nosey Dog Training and get started on the road to a happier and more enriched dog. Dog Sports are often the missing link for active dogs who truly need a "job," not just exercise and general training!  

Private coaching can be started at any age and current training skill level: Sarah loves puppy foundations, retired senior dogs who need to find a low impact sport, and everyone in between! Each session can be focused on one of the training concepts listed above, or on learning the sports themselves. 

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