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Nosey Dog Training specializes in effective and motivational training methods:
Get real world results that work for life!

     We love focused and fit dogs!​

We want you and your dog to build an amazing bond that will last a lifetime. We'll assist you through all the key components of living peacefully with your best friend, from basic and advanced training concepts to managing behavioral concerns to appropriate diet and exercise.

Service areas include: Bellingham, Lynden, Ferndale, and Blaine. If you live outside of our direct service area (Bellingham), please email Sarah first to make sure we can get you scheduled appropriately.


Do you want to teach your dog how to...

  • Pay attention to you in public?

  • Ignore distractions while walking/hiking?

  • Feel more relaxed?

  • Come back when called?

  • Walk politely on leash?

  • Stop barking and lunging at other dogs?


Then enroll in private coaching with Nosey Dog Training and get started on the road to a happier and better behaved dog. These issues and more can be solved with humane and FUN training! All ages and breeds are welcomed.

An initial evaluation is required before the start of private coaching to obtain your dog's full behavior history, start an immediate management protocol, and jump start your individualized training plan ($200). This appointment is up to 90 minutes and includes a subsequent email with everything that we went over during the eval, including any initial homework and management strategies.


After your evaluation, you may schedule coaching sessions either in home or in public - where we get into the "nitty gritty" training ($110/hour).

News for 2021: Celeste Patten CTC CPDT-KA has joined the Nosey Dog Training team for Private Coaching!


Please note that I (Sarah) am not currently taking on new clients with dog to dog or dog to human reactivity/aggression, including severely fearful behavior. Please book your initial eval with Celeste if you need help with these issues.


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