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Sarah is a dog trainer with over a decade of professional experience, an avid dog sport competitor and coach, and a previously certified K9 Nose Work instructor. She has worked in a variety of environments, including animal shelters, rescues, and a very successful dog daycare; there are few breeds and even fewer training issues she has not seen before!

​After founding Nosey Dog Training in the Bay Area of California, Sarah has made her focus on whole dog behavioral wellness: this way of viewing her work encompasses species appropriate diet, exercise, enrichment, and training to bring out the very best in every dog. Since moving in 2017 she has brought her training knowledge and love of scent work sports to Whatcom county dogs in beautiful Washington state. 


Sarah and her husband David share their property in Ferndale with a 12 year old Cardigan Welsh Corgi (Owen), 11 year old Cattle Dog mix (River), and two Australian Cattle Dogs (Perkins, 5 and Guster, 3). The Herdy Dogs, as Sarah affectionately calls them, are not only some of the best exploring and swimming companions around, but they are also accomplished in their preferred sports. As a team, Sarah and her dogs enjoy Nose Work, Herding, Barn Hunt, NASDA, Dock Diving, Lure Coursing, Rally, Obedience, Dog Parkour, and Tricks. They've also dabbled in a few others over the years!


Education and growth in the science and art of dog training is incredibly important to Sarah. She spends countless hours every year attending a variety of seminars, workshops, and online courses. She also enjoys reading new research and published works, going through articles and lectures from other professionals, and listening to dog training podcasts. She believes in a well rounded toolbox for each dog and human she works with, so the learning is never finished.


Sarah's extensive background and experience means that you and your dog will received the most up to date and individualized training plans available today, based on proven and effective training methods!

About the Trainer

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