Day School builds better behavior while having fun with friends!

Do you love the idea of daycare for your dog, but are concerned about crowded environments, practicing bad habits, and a lack of structure?

Enroll in Nosey Dog Training's Day School!


This program combines the benefits of dog daycare, such as socialization with other dogs and exercise, with one on one training and a small group size.

Day School Features:

  • Transport to and from the program in separate crash tested kennels.

  • Daily field trips to dog friendly areas to work on public training skills and distractions.

  • Off leash play with appropriate dogs

  • Natural play yard; grass for running and sniffing!

  • Private training room with cushioned floor

  • 2-3 individualized daily training sessions

  • Training: sit/down, come when called, stay, ignore distractions, focus on human, train around other dogs, practice vet handling, plus any specific skills you would like!

  • Toy play (such as: bring the ball back, please!)

  • Mental stimulation games

  • Summer time swimming and water play


Day School is open to all individuals residing in Bellingham city limits who are older than 12 weeks and up to ~14 months, provided they can happily tolerant other dogs and humans. Older dogs may be accepted on a case by case basis. Previous training is not necessary; we can work with brand new puppies, recently adopted dogs who need to learn training skills, and everyone in between! Dogs must be healthy, up to date on their core vaccines, have a clear fecal test within the last 6 weeks, and be on flea preventative.

Schedule and Times:

Day School is every Tuesday and Thursday. Dogs are picked up in the morning between 8:45am-9:45am, and are out of the house for at least 4 hours. The Day School program costs $55/day.

Online Registration:

Enrollment is completely online! Sign up for any available first day you would like; once your dog's medical records are received they can join in on the games and learning!

"How do I learn these skills?"

Day School families have access to private coaching sessions to go over the skills they need to continue working with their dogs at home and in public. Trainers are able to effectively build and reinforce great training, but consistency is key. The Day School program is never intended to replace families learning how to work with their dogs themselves; group training classes or coaching sessions are highly recommended!