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 Mini Day Training Sessions:

the perfect dog walker alternative for busy households!

Sit Stays for adorable photos?

What can be worked on during a

Mini Day Training Session:

Sit / Down


Coming when Called

Drop It

Handling / Wearing a Harness

Ignoring Distractions

Leave It

Handler Focus

Relax on a Bed

Nose Work

Toy Play and Manners


Does your puppy or adult dog need a midday break? Do you find it difficult to fit several short sessions of basic training into your work day? Are you looking for more ways to engage your dog's brain?


Instead of choosing a boring walk around the block, try a Mini Day Training session!

Mini Day Training sessions include 30 minutes of training, playing games for exercise and mental stimulation, a potty break, and then settling down after the session with a pre-approved boredom busting food toy or activity. This is the perfect way to improve your dog's manners while also letting him have a good time while you're at work!


Sessions take place in and around your home between the hours of 12pm-3pm, Tuesday and Thursdays as well as 1pm-3pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. Service area includes the city of Bellingham. Cost per session is $35.

To get started, email me or fill out the contact form to schedule an in home initial meeting with you and your dog so we can cover all of the great Mini Day Training details! Cost of this first meeting is $45.

These sessions are not appropriate for dogs who are in need of behavioral intervention. Please visit the Private Training link above.

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